The simple act of remembering to take a pill or having a prescription filled seems small. However, the ability to follow directions for taking medication can be one of the most important things a person can do for their health. Medication adherence is always important, especially for addressing serious health issues such as diabetes or hypertension. Remembering to take a pill can make the difference between recovery and staying sick.

Poor medication adherence is costly. It accounts for the deaths of 125,000 Americans each year and $300 billion a year in healthcare costs.  Helping people understand and follow directions for taking medicine can drastically improve their lives and reduce those costs.

You play an important role in helping people understand how important medication adherence is for their overall health. Improving Medication Adherence will help you develop the knowledge and skills to support the health of the communities in which you work. You will learn what medication adherence is, understand what an impact it has on health management and acquire practical tips you can use with patients to help them adhere to their prescriptions.