This workshop will provide an overview of the key competencies needed to practice as a behavioral health clinician in primary care.  National efforts to describe these competencies have been completed in the last few years.  These will be described as well as the unique methods of developing these competencies.  At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:  describe the key attitudinal, knowledge and behavioral competencies needed to work as a team member in primary care.  The will also be able to identify local methods that could be successful in developing these competencies in both continuing education and "on the job" training as well as identify ways of evaluating success at the individual and practice levels.

Presented by William Gunn, Jr., PhD

Dr. William (Bill) Gunn, Jr is a self-employed consultant contracted with the for Region Six Integrated Delivery Network (the Seacoast/Strafford region). Bill has thirty years of working in Primary Care Behavioral Health setting and has written two books on integrated care. He is also an Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Family Therapy Department at the University of New Hampshire. Bill received his PhD from Virginia Tech University; his master’s in education through James Madison University and is licensed in NH as a Clinical Psychologist.