Welcome to the Community Health Worker Training of Spring 2022!

This training will challenge the way that you think, provide you with valuable information and cover critical topics for performing the duties of a Community Health Worker (CHW). Please, read the expectations carefully, understanding the expectations will contribute to the success of the class. To receive your certificate of completion, you must complete all assignments and quizzes in a timely manner and be present for all virtual sessions on ZOOM. Take time to familiarize yourself with this platform and feel free to reach out for help, it takes time to learn something new. Last but not least, contact information for the facilitators has been included in this announcement, please feel free to reach out for questions, concerns, or assistance. Moving forward, feel free to use this forum to share resources, stories, ask questions and anything else that you feel will be beneficial to this experience.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!


  • Active participation in all scheduled ZOOM sessions is required
  • Timely completion of all assignments and quizzes 
  • Practice respect for all participants and facilitators
  • Ask questions. When in doubt, ask. If you have a question, there is a good chance that someone else has similar questions.
  • Have Fun!

Moodle Facilitator Contact Information:

Carolyn Schofield:

  • cschofield@nchcnh.org

Savanah Miller:

  • smiller@nchcnh.org